Taste In Music – Part 1

For once, this post is a bit more about me… I’m very, very big on music, so I decided to make a post about my music taste. To make it more easy for me to give you guys a broad idea of what my music taste is like, I thought of mentioning a few genres and then giving my favourite song within that genre. I hope that you will enjoy these amzaing sounds just as much as I always do!


As you will probably notice, I’m very fond of my Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Although, I’m not very big on Trance, but this is by far my favourite Trance song at the moment…


I kind of missed the Dubstep train when it started becoming more commercial, but the more mainstream it became, the more I started disliking it… Nevertheless, I still listen to this one on a regular basis…


I’m quite an avid listener of good old Drum & Bass, and this is still my favourite track of all time…


I’m quite new to trap music and it’s by far not my favourite EDM genre, but I think this is an absolute gem of a Trap song…


For many years, House has been one of my favourite EDM genres and also one of my favourite music genres overall… Nothing explains it better than Satin Jacket’s “You Make Me Feel Good”!


Another EDM genre that I’m not too familiar with, but this one is on repeat!


This is most probably my favourite sub-genre of House music… Throughout the years, this is still my favourite!


No explanation needed…


I’m quite a big fan of Matthew Dear and after listening to so many of his tracks, this is the one I’ll always be fond of…


The same goes for Pretty Lights… I’m a very big fan and this is my favourite track of this great up and coming producer!


The only major Breaks artist I know is Fatboy Slim, but I’ve always liked to call Evil Nine’s “Hired Goons” one of my “life’s soundtracks”…


In my opinion, this is pretty impressive for a local South African band… Their whole album is worth listening to!

Obviously there are a lot more EDM genres out there, but these ones that I mentioned above, are the ones that I listen to the most…

I honestly hope that you enjoyed this first part of my “Taste In Music” post… In Part 2, I’ll be focusing more on rock genres for all you guitar lovers out there!




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