“Common Is Cool?”

Sometime ago, two of my friends and I decided to drive down the main road of our local town. This wasn’t just any drive down the main road, though… Windows down, heads banging and music pumping. The obvious question which would probably arise upon witnessing such a “common” act, is “Why?”. For those overseas readers, South Africa’s term of “common”, can be associated with acts that “chavs” and “white trash” do.

In my honest opinion, this “common” act can closely be linked to guilty pleasures. Why do a large majority of us religiously watch MTV’s Jersey Shore reality show? Why do some of us deliberately want to grow a mullet? Why do some of us want to “soup up” our cars with extravagant aftermarket parts which add up to be more valuable than the car itself? I haven’t fallen victim to any of these guilty pleasures, but one has got to admit that there is a certain coolness factor to some of these guilty pleasures or “common” acts…

Most probably the best example that I can use to get my point across, is the South African rap-rave group, Die Antwoord. This group deliberately goes about making music while sporting a “white trash” image. Just to give you some insight on what exactly I’m talking about, here is an interview that they did a while back (NSFW):

If “common”, “white trash”, “chavs”, “zef”, or whatever you want to call it, is something that you want to steer away from, why does a music group like Die Antwoord, have such a huge fan base across the world? Why have they made it big in countries such as the United States? Why have they been featured on famous talk shows such as The Late Show With David Letterman? Why has one of their songs been featured on a video game?

Die+Antwoord+21 Die+Antwoord+DIEANTWOORD Die+Antwoord+DIEANTWOORD 2 Die+Antwoord+16 Die+Antwoord+Screen+shot+20100201+at+35631

All photos are courtesy of http://www.last.fm

I have left you with a lot of questions and hopefully some self-questioning as well, but I want to leave you with this last question: When was the last time YOU did something “common”? Give it a try! Maybe you’ll come across some undiscovered coolness in you…

For those who were wondering what song we were playing while driving down the main road, here it is:

And no, I don’t do something like that on a daily basis…


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